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Government :

Sigmund Software gives government organizations a more realistic, and reliable way to evaluate and optimize engineering designs. Sigmund simulates engineering designs as variation based digital models, verifies their performance within a virtual assembly build environment, and generates automatic reports/data. Using Sigmund Software, agencies can create virtual product build continuously throughout a program’s lifecycle. Agencies can make better decisions, meet all their performance requirements, consistently deliver on schedule, and ensure mission success.

Reality Simulation:

Sigmund Software simulates reality by taking into account the effects of variation on engineering designs, validates their performance in a virtual environment. Digital (rather than physical) build on a scalable, enterprise-wide platform allows agencies to:

Understand intricate interactions between components

Evaluate the capability of their designs and processes

Ensure meeting quality/performance metrics

U.S. government agencies (such as NASA, the Navy, and DOE) already use Sigmund product and are currently implementing DFSS at the enterprise level.