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Manufacturers of heavy equipment operate in a market where fierce global competition keeps forcing the costs of production down. As a result, the leading companies in this industry have been among the most extensive and innovative users of virtual product development. They're applying the technology to the design and development of everything from lawn and garden tools to heavy construction and earth-moving equipment.

The traditional process of design, build, test, and fix with physical prototypes is the engineering approach that has been used for years. This is overly conservative and expensive method for designing any type of equipment. To meet specialized demands in farming, forestry, construction, and a host of other environments, it would make much more sense to use Virtual Product Build which aids in eliminating the time taken to build expensive prototypes for testing to “get it right” and “assemble”.

The current objective driven design approach for all of engineering is to create virtual assemblies/products that can be tested in the reality simulated virtual environment. In this virtual assembly build environment, different alternates can be evaluated, the design/process can be changed, and virtual builds can be run in minutes instead of months.