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Why is Variation Simulation Important to Medical Device Design & Engineering

In order to understand product quality and performance requirements, eliminate design build problems, and make informed product development decisions, engineers in the medical device field are leveraging variation simulation or computer aided engineering (CAE) methods. In addition to the product design improvements gained from CAE, the ability to capture and manage the associated engineering knowledge and use it for competitive advantage is also extremely valuable.

By evaluating multiple variations of virtual prototypes, manufacturers gain a greater quantity of high-quality data with which to make product development and manufacturing decisions, ensure efficacy, and increase robustness before the product is submitted for regulatory approval.

Simulation is accelerating the way medical device companies are moving products through different phases of development. Virtual assemblies play a critical role in design verification and validation; the design can be verified against the required customer specifications. Additionally, the design’s compliance can be validated against relevant regulatory standards. The final result is a highly reliable, cost-effective design developed and validated in less time that will assemble 100% of the time first time with no scrap & re-work!