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CAD represents theoretical perfect design intent; it does not represent the product build that will actually be coming out the plant door!  CAD does not manufacture anything, real manufacturing and assembly processes do and that is where Sigmund can take CAD information and considers proposed manufacturing and assembly processes to determine how well the design will actually build.   What’s significant is that this can be done years before any parts are manufactured.  The design can be evaluated, optimized and validated before it is released for tooling. 

Designs can be released with confidence knowing that the product will always build with World Class Quality and that the design is efficient and cost effective. Precision is always directly related to cost and this is not a linear relationship but closer to exponential. By understanding where precision is needed and where it is not enables the opportunity for a quality up cost down scenario.  Sigmund has advance reporting capabilities that can be used by multiple stakeholders in the supply chain throughout the products life time.

We also strive to enable our clients to be self capable and independent of consistent or typical consulting dependencies with very intuitive, easy to use software and training so that the typical designer, engineer whether they be from development, manufacturing, quality etc. can pick up and use our products for real time answers instead of having to go to specialty groups and their associated bottle necks in getting information when needed.

We strive for our Customers Success; trying to achieve all aspects of quality - customer satisfaction and fewer defects/errors and cycle time and task time/productivity and total cost, etc with our Sigmund Solutions.

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