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What is Sigmund Maintenance Contract?
The Sigmund Maintenance Contract is an annual paid contract through which maintenance and installation support for Sigmund software can be obtained.

What does Maintenance Contract include?
The Maintenance Contract includes minor enhancements, bug fixes, service packs.

How much does Maintenance Contract cost?
The cost for maintenance on Sigmund software is 20% of the List price.

How easy is it to renew the Maintenance Contract?
To renew your Maintenance Contract, simply call Customer Support at (616) 393-6408.

Does Varatech, Inc. offer a multiple-year Maintenance Contract?
Yes, however, there is not a reduced rate for extended contracts.

What if I forget to renew my Maintenance Contract?
For information on setting up a new Maintenance Contract, contact Customer Support at (616) 393-6408.

Does Varatech, Inc. offer an educational version or student pricing?
All Sigmund products are available to academic institutions at a special rate.

Who do I contact to find out more about educational pricing?
For questions regarding educational discounts for students and universities, contact Customer Support at (616) 393-6408.

What are the system requirements for Sigmund packages?
Please read the System Requirements page for complete information, including processor, memory and operating system requirements.

Does Sigmund have any way to read data from Pro|Engineer, Creo?
Varatech, Inc. currently offers SigmundPro, Sigmund Drive, Sigmund ABA, all of which have data export capabilities within Pro|Engineer, Creo.

Does Sigmund have any way to read data from SOLIDWORKS?
Varatech, Inc. offers SigmundWorks and Sigmund ABA. SigmundWorks offers single-window integration with SOLIDWORKS, while Sigmund ABA offers data export capabilities.

Does Sigmund have any way to read data from Solid Edge?
Varatech, Inc. offers SigmundEdge and Sigmund ABA. Both packages offer data export capabilities.

How do I install Sigmund?
There are two ways to install Sigmund. If your computer supports the AutoRun feature, log in as a domain administrator (Windows 7/Vista/10). Close all open programs, and insert the Sigmund CD. The Sigmund setup program will automatically run. Follow the instructions in the setup program.

    If your computer does not support the AutoRun feature, follow the above instructions. However, after inserting the Sigmund CD into your CD-ROM, click on Start and then select Run. Type driveletter:\setup.exe, where driveletter is the letter name of your CD-ROM (usually D). Click Ok, and the Sigmund setup program will open. Follow the instructions in the setup program.

    Why won't Sigmund open on my computer?
     You do not have a valid license installed on your system.
    Make sure that you have given the required information to Varatech, Inc. necessary to generate a license.

How do I find an ethernet address?
a. Through FlexLM License Manager
To obtain your ethernet address through FlexLM, click Start...Programs and then select the appropriate folder for the Sigmund software you have. Select FlexLM Utilities. Click on the "System Settings" tab. Your ethernet address will be in the fitfh entry down on the left hand side, labeled "Ethernet Address." It will be a string of 12 letters and numbers (i.e. 00104bcc4ae6).

b. Through Windows
To obtain your ethernet address through Windows, click Start...Run and type cmd (Windows XP/Vista). Click OK. This opens up an MS-DOS prompt window. Type ipconfig /all and press enter. After the line that says "Ethernet Adapter", find the line labeled "Physical Address." The string of 12 characters on this line is your ethernet address (i.e. 00-10-4B-CC-4A-E6).

NOTE: 00-10-4B-CC-4A-E6 and 00104bcc4ae6 are the same ethernet address, only formatted differently.

What if my computer does not have an ethernet card?
License files can be created using a characterstic of your hard drive known as the Disk Volume Serial Number. To obtain your Disk Volume Serial Number, follow the instructions in a, however, record the sixth box on the left hand side, labeled "Disk Volume Serial Number."

I have a licensing or installation question that is not covered here. What should I do?
Contact Varatech Technical Support at (616) 393-6408 or use the contact form on the support homepage