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Varatech Fact Sheet

Founded: Feb 1, 1994

Corporate Tagline: Design for Product Build Quality

Ownership: Varatech is a Privately owned corporation

Headquarters: Holland, Michigan, USA

Web site:

Sigmund blog:

Practice: Design for Six Sigma, Design for Product Build Quality, Variation Simulation Modeling, Tolerance Analysis, Stacks, GD&T, Training, Consulting, and Implementation.

Partners: Varatech has a proven network of over 10 innovative and strategic partners

Industry focus: Medical, BioTechnology, Healthcare, Energy, Consumer Products/Appliances, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Industrial Machinery & Automation, Heavy Equipment, Agriculture.

General client profile: We work with every private and public technology and manufacturing companies, including many startups that put stuff together. Everyone needs to know that thier parts go together 100% of the time.

Philosophy of practice: Relentlessly take our clients where they need to go, helping them achieve their ultimate business goal of being the best in Quality and Performance.

Track record: 100+ Sigmund clients have achieved significant success in their product build quality. Sigmund clients have also successfully reinvented and repositioned themselves, orchestrated dramatic quality transformations, measurably increased revenue and enjoyed significant market share gains.

Competitive position: One of the most proven and successful Design for Product Build Quality - Variation/Tolerance Analysis solution in the business. 

International: Varatech is part of a very proven, integrated network of Value Added Resellers and Partners with market presence and coverage around the globe.

Domestic offices: Include Holland, Detroit, Minneapolis, Tennesse, Tampa, Boston and Los Angeles.

Workplace culture: Varatech has been recognized for its innovative, positive workplace culture. Sigmund professionals average 10+ years employment with our firm, a highly unusual client benefit in a world of rapid turnover.

Competitive differentiation: We are differentiated from our competitors in four distinct ways:

  • A different vision – We don't care about being the largest firm, just be the very best.
  • A distinct position – Sigmund combines the best of both worlds – the door-opening clout, experience and global presence of a large firm with the intensive personal support and service, flexibility and senior consultant involvement of a small firm. Sigmund has a very proven international client base.
  • A unique philosophy – Sigmund is focused on helping its clients achieve their ultimate business objective - Success! This includes being the best in Product Quality, Performance, Profitability, and Competitiveness thus increasing market share and generating more revenues. This is how clients measure Sigmund's success.
  • A better structure – Instead of relying exclusively on overburdened account management executives, we enhance our core account teams with a dedicated Product Support Group, Technical Department and Customer Relationship Management professionals. This delivers more valuable results to Sigmund clients.