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Varatech is a pioneer and a leader in Variation Simulation and Tolerance Stack up Analysis solutions that improve and ensure design build quality. Sigmund continues to provide value as living models throughout various activities across the enterprise and supply chain network. Our knowledge of product development and assembly systems optimization is virtually unrivaled. By holistically applying this expertise, we help companies increase product quality and simultaneously reduce PLM cost and cycle time.

Sigmund allows engineers and manufactures to accurately predict how their designs will build in the real-world environments, without having to build and test multiple physical prototypes. Sigmund has deep roots in the medical, health care, energy, automotive, aerospace, defense, general appliances, office furniture, and consumer products' industries in the fields of Design for Six Sigma, Tolerance Analysis, Variation Simulation Modeling, Dimensional Control, GD&T, Quality, Product Design & Development. Leading companies rely on Sigmund Software to build quality products that meet or exceed customer's expectations.

Formed in 1994 and headquartered in Holland, MI, USA, Varatech's customer base includes many of the largest engineering firms and manufacturing companies around the world.

We also offer consulting and training courses to designers, engineers and professionals in the areas of Product Design & Development, Dimensional Control, Design for Six Sigma, Tolerance Analysis, GD&T, Implementation of our Sigmund Solutions. For more details, click here.