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Varatech's DFSS for Product Build Quality

What is Design for Six Sigma?

Design for Six Sigma...

is Product/Process Integration

is predicting product quality up front

is a concurrent/cross functional engineering philosophy

uses process capabilities to make design decisions

is customer driven engineering with six sigma process capabilities

drives quality and measurement improvement early in the design phase

DFSS Methodology:

Quality Build Objective/Requirement Setting

Qualify customer requirements

Quantify those requirements - Can they be measured?

Benchmarking and competitive assessment

FMEA, QFD, and Cost of Quality

Design & Process Definition

Manufacturing process selection

GD&T Development

Assembly methods and sequence


Capability Assessment

Surrogate process data

Function Measurement Systems


Design Analysis

Variation/Tolerance analysis

  • Capability roll-up
  • Design roll-down

Process Metrics

Optimize Designs

Design of Experiments



Tolerance optimization

Specification setting


Verify & Control

Define control plan

Data driven measurement plan

Statistical process control

Mistake proofing