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Varatech's Product Design & Development Services

Our Product Design & Development Division is a premier Mechanical, Industrialengineering and analysis services provider. Varatech's holistic approach to product engineering incorporates industrial design, ergonomics, benchmarking, build objectives, manufacturing process variation and virtual analysis.

Our product development engineers are technical experts in the following areas:

Project Management: Varatech's engineers offer complete project ownership by scheduling and tracking all aspects of the development process such as developing and maintaining timelines and budgets, resource management, and vendor/supplier management.

Conceptual Design: Working from your product specifications, we give form to multiple concepts and provide preliminary concepts and provide photorealistic renderings to ensure that the design meets the designer's aesthetic intent.

Design Analysis: Varatech utilizes advanced virtual analysis tools to make structural(linear & dynamic non-linear), kinematic, thermal, and vibrational assessments. By evaluating part geometry and materials before hard tooling is released, we dramatically reduce your overall development costs and time-to-market.

Simulation Modeling: Dynamic motion Simulation of complex mechanisms, Variation/Tolerance studies and detailc hecking of production drawings, Gear, drive train design and analysis, Optical system design and lighting simulation, Plastics design & Mold fill analysis.

Component and Assembly Engineering: Varatech's engineers have diverse industry experience and extensive material and manufacturing process knowledge. Consequently, we are able to produce a robust design fit for intended use while meeting manufacturing and cost targets.

Prototyping: By taking advantage of the latest prototyping techniques, Varatech provides proof of concept and visual models to evaluate a design prior to tooling release.

Inspection: CMM Point Cloud Data Scanning, Reverse Engineering.